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Summer is Here! Six Gifts You Deserve to Give Yourself

Summer is Here! Six Gifts You Deserve to Give Yourself

Ladies! Summer has arrived, and it’s time to shed your layers, jump into some shorts, and enjoy the warmer weather! Whether you’re headed to the lake, meeting the girls out for some evening drinks, or hanging around the house with not a single task on your to-do list, Southern Made has all of the gifts you’ve been dying to give yourself this summer. We’re sure you’ve told yourself this before (maybe one too many times), but hey, it’s time to say it again. Treat yourself! Make this summer the best one yet by splurging on some of the trendiest and most versatile items. We’ve put together some of our favorite items that we think you deserve to give to yourself as a little summer gift. Read below to find out!

Sun Jellies Betty Basket

Hello, Summer! And hello to your new favorite bag. Starting now, you won’t want to leave the house without this handy (and chic!) Sun Jellies Betty Basket. This bad is perfect for a night out with the girls, running errands, or carrying things from one place to another. Whether you’re keeping it casual or preparing to match your wardrobe colors to your heart’s content, the Betty Basket is a no-brainer. The flat bottom allows the bag to stand straight up without falling over or having to be hung on the chair behind you. Like what you see above? Southern Made has the exact one just waiting for you to drop it into your cart—check it out!

Capri BLUE Candle

If you’ve ever spent way too much time smelling all of the different scented candles in a store, rest assured, you’re not alone. Just like the next person, we LOVE candles. Smelling them, burning them…did we mention smelling them? But we have to admit, Capri BLUE candles are some of our all-time favorite scents. The aesthetic of the glass jars and the wonderfully different scents make these goodies one item that you simply cannot pass up. Your house will be smelling so good, your guests will be begging to know where you picked up these candles. Southern Made has tons of different scents; take a peek! 

Natural Life Period Pouch

While we want our wardrobes to stand out and be noticed, sometimes we would rather be a little more discreet about other things. When it’s that time of the month, you don’t always want to be drawing attention to yourself; however, not drawing attention doesn’t always mean being bland! Enter: the Natural Life Period Pouch. A perfect accessory for that time of the month that offers some level of discretion while still allowing you to show off your happy side! The best part? It’s a purchase that does not go unnoticed! 10% of the proceeds from the sales of these products are donated directly to Renewing Dignity to assist them with their mission of providing essential period products to women and girls. Be a part of this beautiful cause, and check out this period pouch on Southern Made’s (formally Spoiled Rotten) website today!

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe

All aboard the comfy train! If you’re like us, relaxing at home in your PJs is one of the best activities to do on the weekends and weeknights after work. First priority when it comes to a relaxation session—finding the ideal robe to lounge in. Look no further! Barefoot Dreams CozyChic robes are exactly what you’ve been looking for all along. The amazingly soft and cozy fabric paired with the self-tie belt and front pockets make this one purchase you surely won’t be experiencing buyer’s remorse with. Take it one step further and make it the ultimate relaxation get-up with our criss cross cozy slippers! At this rate, you’ll never want to leave the house! Of all of the gifts you could think to give yourself as we head into the summer, this may be your favorite one.

Rifle Paper Co. Spiral Notebook

Every girl needs a fabulous notebook at all times. Whether it’s for writing to-do lists, leaving notes for your hubby, or makes notes for yourself that you will inevitably forget. No matter what you use it for, make sure that it shows off your style perfectly! Rifle Paper Co.’s Spiral Notebook is the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and totally useful. The beautiful floral designs will have you smiling every time you pull it out to write yourself a little note. Note to mention, Southern Made (formally Spoiled Rotten) offers three different patterns for every look. Want one design? Want all three? Choose what makes you the happiest! Head on over to our gifts section on the website and pick one (or all of them) for yourself for the summer season.

Bogg Bag

One of the hottest trends of the summer, which means you HAVE to be a part of it! Drum roll, please— welcome, Bogg Bags! These handy and durable tote bags are your newest solution to the chaos that ensues when you try to get your family ready for…well, anything! Heading to the beach? Playdate at the park? Tailgating before a Vols game? You’ll never want to leave your home with your Bogg bag! Did we mention it also has a flat bottom, so it prevents any kinds of tipping and spilling? And it’s totally washable! With tons of sizes and colors, you’ll find exactly what you need to make sure you love all of the different gifts you give yourself this summer. Check it out!