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Flawless Finish: Accessories You Need for Your Summer Wardrobe ASAP

Flawless Finish: Accessories You Need for Your Summer Wardrobe ASAP

Hello summer and hello new accessories! Whether you’re stocking up on new jewelry or still trying to find the perfect solution to manage your keys without carrying a purse, we’ve got you covered. Southern Made (formally Spoiled Rotten Boutique) is here to help you make your summer wardrobe as fabulous as possible. With some of the best brand names and latest trends, you’ll find everything you’re looking for to finish off your gorgeous look. It’s time to make your outfit pop! (And we’ve got your back.) Check out some of our top accessories we think you’re going to love this summer season!

Jilzarah Beaded Large Wrist Keychain


What’s on your mind? We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can combine functionality and fashion and we think that we have an answer! Behold—the Jilzarah Beaded Wrist Keychain. If you’ve ever scrambled to find your keys in the depths of your purse while juggling tons of grocery bags, your Brümate tumbler, and your cellphone, you’re not alone! Long gone are the days of missing keys. Say hello to your new favorite accessory! This piece doubles as both a functioning keychain and (wait for it!) a super-cute bracelet. Who could say no to that!? And if you’re in a hurry to meet the girls, just ditch the purse all together! Now you’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips.

Farrah B Snake Earrings


Are you ready to take a leap with your wardrobe and try something new? What could possibly be better than showcasing your ever-changing style!? Ladies, we’re here to present you with the next big statement piece. These Farrah B Ear Climber Snake Earrings are hands down one of our favorite pieces on our shelves. Do we have your attention yet? These gold-plated stunners even have a faux emerald to serve as the snakehead. Take your "going out" look to a whole new level and show off your funky side. Pair these with some more Farrah B gold necklaces and you have yourself a full accessory package. This year's summer wardrobe will never be the same. Don’t let these slither away!

Bracha Large Link Bracelet


We truly think that one of the most underrated accessories is the bracelet that you carry on your wrist. It’s so easy to walk out the door without even thinking twice about adding some to your look. But the truth is, they make all of the difference! Are you ready? This Bracha Large Link Bracelet will be your summer go-to when it comes to finishing off your perfect outfit. Pull together the ultimate date night get-up, how about a brunch trip with your gals? No matter where you are headed, don’t forget to add your favorite bracelet! Got a look like the one above that you think could you a little flair? Check out all of our Bracha items on our site now!

Oventure "Big O" Key Rings

Ladies! We’ve said it before and you will certainly hear us say it again—don’t let your purse and keys hold you back! It’s time to combine all of the best perks of not having to carry anything with the convenience of having everything! Big “O” rings will the best addition to your daily routine. (You can thank us later!) Attach your keys, wallet, or even a small clutch to the O ring and head on out the door. Wave goodbye to lost bags, hard-to-find keys, or annoying over-the-shoulder purses. The best part? It even fits around your wrist as a super-cute bracelet. Count us in!

Queen Anne’s Lace Round Pendant Necklace


Hear ye hear ye! We’d like to formally welcome you to the modern version of a “statement piece.” Have you ever gotten ready and felt like there was a little something missing? This Queen Anne’s Lace Round Pendant Necklace is the ideal accessory for your classic soiree get-up. Not planning on attending any fancy get-together anytime soon? No worries, this little number pairs perfectly with a classy top and slacks. Slip into your favorite mules, grab a cardigan, and head to the board room. Your look will never be the same! Whether you’re dressed to the nines or being a boss babe at work, this necklace will never fail to make your look one of a kind. Your wardrobe this summer will thank you!