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Southern Made Grand Opening—Spoiled Rotten Gets a Makeover!

Southern Made Grand Opening—Spoiled Rotten Gets a Makeover!

Southern Made Grand Opening

Attention, ladies—Spoiled Rotten and Southern Made Tees have a very special announcement! We are excited to share that we will be joining forces to create one bigger, better, and of course more fabulous, shopping experience. We are pleased to announce the grand opening of SOUTHERN MADE! We’ve done a bit of a makeover, Southern Made will simply replace Spoiled Rotten by name and serve as the parent company for Southern Made Tees. Both stores will remain separate online but will now be together under one roof—a much bigger roof!

At the end of the day, we have our customers to thank for our success. It brings us so much joy to see so many women enjoy the clothing that we sell and continue to return time and time again. That being said, we thought long and hard about what would make the shopping experience easier for our customers and ultimately, we decided to create a store that offers the best of both worlds. Instead of having to visit one store to stock up on your favorite UT tees and then travel to another store to browse our boutique clothing, you will now be able to experience everything in one central location!

Customers will have access to more tees, more gifts, and even more boutique clothing. That’s not even the best part! Southern Made is also excited to offer more in-person events—hint, hint, can you say spray tan party!?

So, how different will things really be? Well, both websites will remain up and running as usual, so you can still visit Southern Made Tees and Spoiled Rotten Boutique on their respective online stores. However, you will notice that Spoiled Rotten’s site will have a facelift and will be renamed Southern Made. Say hello to a new logo, new colors, and even more great fashion and gifts! Aside from the new look, your online shopping experience will remain the same. When you’re visiting the online store, you will still be able to type in; however, you will be redirected to the new URL.

The real noticeable change will be the in-person experience. The newly combined location will have the entire inventory from both stores in one easy-to-access place. If online shopping is more your jam, your experience will not change. If you’re more of an in-person gal, you’ll love the new set up!

With so many things changing, we are excited to officially open our doors! Come check out all of our exciting new items, events, and so much more. We even have a few surprises up our sleeve that we cannot wait to reveal. Come join us for our grand opening on May 25 for tons of fun and fashion. Our new rose-colored double doors open at 4 p.m. and we hope to see you there!