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Article: How to Keep Tie-Dye Flirty and Feminine for Summer

How to Keep Tie-Dye Flirty and Feminine for Summer

How to Keep Tie-Dye Flirty and Feminine for Summer

We've had a little time on our hands lately (OK, a LOT of time on our hands), so we've been trying to keep things productive by studying up on the latest styles. We're seeing a lot of old-school looks this season that are kinda cool (Bermuda shorts, busy patterns, and basically anything that harkens back to the '90s) — but of all the retro 2020 summer fashion trends, we love a good tie-dye look the most! The problem? It can be hard to figure out how to wear tie-dye without looking like you're wearing a bad hippie costume.

It can be hard... but it's not impossible! Gone are the days of tie-dye only being for the type of people who still use the word "groovy" or go barefoot all day. We never thought true modern southern belle style would ever include tie-dye, but here we are! Now, this look has a retro feel with more feminine and up-to-date sensibilities — and there are so many more ways to wear it than just throwing on a handmade sunburst tie-dye tee,

Here's how we're keeping tie-dye flirty and feminine for the season.

Pastel Palette

Barbie Pink tie-dye?! Be still our hearts. When you keep your tie-dye in sugary sweet colors, it's hard to go wrong. The Cotton Candy Skies Tie-Dye Shirt and Shorts Set is so light and girlie. Perfect for warm weather relaxin'!


Speaking of shirt and shorts sets... we think an all-over tie-dye look is a fabulous way to wear this trend! Especially when it features a very of-the-moment hooded crop top (and you keep it in soft pastels, like we just discussed). The In the Clouds Tie-Dye Hoodie Short Set is the way to quarantine in style.

Go Boho Chic

Our Shimmering Sunset Flowy Sleeveless Tie-Dye Maxi Dress is airy and soft — and is a flawless combo of boho and glam! How to wear tie-dye? Effortlessly!

Give it the Cold Shoulder

There's nothing more feminine than showing just enough skin while still leaving a little somethin' to the imagination! The Whole Lotta Love Cold Shoulder Tie-Dye Top is the perfect shades of pale pink and sky blue and is simple and low-key enough to wear on any given day.

Just Add Ruffles

Nothing keeps things more sweet and southern than ruffles on ruffles on ruffles! Our Walking on Sunshine Off-the-Shoulder Marble Maxi will have you feeling like a tie-dyed fairy.

Mask Up

You know we're probably going to be wearing them for the rest of the year — might as well make it fashion! We have super cute tie-dye face masks in the store. An easy (and essential!) way to add a touch of tie-dye to your summer look!


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