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“Pray, Pray, Pray” Christian Crew Sweatshirt

Sale price$50.00


Express your faith in a vibrant and uplifting way with the Pray, Pray, Pray Christian Crewneck Sweatshirt! This delightful pastel pink sweatshirt boasts a multi-colored design. The top will not only lift your spirits, but also spread joy to those around you.

On the front, a cheerful smiley face beams next to the word "Pray," offering a gentle reminder. Prayer can bring a smile to even the toughest days. And then, on the back, the powerful message "Pray on it, Pray over it, Pray through it" takes center stage. This timeless proverb serves as a source of strength and comfort. It reminds us we are never alone in our struggles.

But the design doesn't stop there! Furthermore, the message on the back is surrounded by a delightful graphics. It has flowers, smiley faces, hearts, and stars, creating a joyful and uplifting look. In addition to expressing your faith, this Christian sweatshirt celebrates the power and positivity that prayer brings into our lives.

More than just a sweatshirt, it's a conversation starter. Imagine the positive impact you can make by simply wearing this message of hope and encouragement. What's more, the bright colors and playful design are sure to spark conversations, and also reminds others of the importance of prayer.

If you're looking for Christian apparel or prayer-themed sweatshirts, this "Pray, Pray, Pray" Crewneck is a perfect choice! It's a fantastic way to showcase your faith in a joyful and uplifting way. 


  • Light pink with multi-color graphics
  • Round neck
  • Unisex sizing
  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Fits true to size
Pray, Pray, Pray Christian Crewneck Sweatshirt!
“Pray, Pray, Pray” Christian Crew Sweatshirt Sale price$50.00