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Self-Care March Madness: Make Time for You!

Self-Care March Madness: Make Time for You!

Make this month's March Madness all about YOU. We're making it Womens Self-Care month with gifts to pamper! Time for nourishing, letting go, finding space for yourself. In other words, sink into total Self Care mode. You need it, you've earned it. Book some appointments, maybe a hot stone massage, acupuncture, even a Zoom Room yoga class or three. Splurge on a few cozy comfy fashion "hugs" and some well-deserved beauty products. And rest easier on a luxurious satin pillowcase—sweet dreams! Southern Made knows just what you need to take that inward bound plunge.

Snuggle Up, Buttercup

Get ready for your massage moment cozied up in the softest go-to luxury. Fall in love with our comfy microfiber robe that serves a double dose of spa chic and sweet bedtime dreams. Wear it over your nighttime delicates or just the skin you were born in under it all. What a treat!

Womens Self Care Gifts – Soak It In

Make your bath the bomb! Release all the stress and worries of the week (or day) with the therapeutic soak of our bath bomb bubbles. So relaxing. Ease into your day with Wake Me Up or wind down with Dream Weaver, both options embrace you with the wellness wow of dead sea salt and essential oils. Can you hand us that towel, please?!

While You're At It...

Tired, puffy under eyes got you down? Perk those pretty peekers right up with these rejuvenating 5-minute eye gel patches. The perfect way to de-puff, re-hydrate and renew, getting rid of under eye dryness and fatigue in no time flat. Essential ingredients like green tea, white mulberry and bergamot help eliminate dark circles, boost energy and focus, as well as brighten skin.

Long Hair, Don't Care Hair Care

Bundle that hair up on your head while you're soaking in your bath, or use our super comfortable and easy to slip on headwrap to keep stray strands at bay. This super thin headband offers mega comfort and fit, won't pull your hair while sliding it on your head and never stretches out as you wear it.

Hold It!

Once you've destressed, decompressed, detoxed and decluttered your inside self and are ready to reapply a fresh new face, find all your beauty products and toiletries at your fingertips, tucked away in any one of these three beautiful, easy to carry cases. Zip closure with detachable wristlet means they're as easy to carry as they are to pack. Nylon pouch set boosts a different design on each pouch, helping you keep all the insides stealthily cataloged. No one knows but you!

Ahhh, that's right. Let it all go. You've got this. Now, just breathe.