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Yes, You Can Wear White In the Winter — Here's Proof

Yes, You Can Wear White In the Winter — Here's Proof

"Don't wear white after Labor Day!" it's an archaic adage that a ton of people feel obligated to abide — despite the fact that winter white outfits can be downright glorious. But you know what? We're ready to take a stand. We'll be boldly wearing our brightest whites all season long... and we're providing you with the proper inspiration to do so as well.

Curious about where this outdated rule originates from? We were too, so we did a little digging and found that it's possible it dates back to the days of yore when there was no air conditioning, so rich people wore the lightest color to stay cool in the summer. But in the winter, they wouldn't dare muddy their spanking whites, so it was more fashionable to wear darker clothing. It's also possible that in the early 20th century summer whites were a "look of leisure" and when it came time to get more serious in the fall, it was customary to switch do a darker wardrobe.

But basically, in a nutshell, it seems no one really knows where this fashion law even comes from. Which is all the more reason for us to give the bird to the "no white after Labor Day" mandate.

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Here are some ways you can indulge your inner fashion rebel and incorporate winter white outfits into your own wardrobe.

Get Low

Traditionally, white pants and other bottoms are the ultimate winter no-no — but now, we're so into wearing white on our lower half during the colder months. Especially when we're talking about a gorgeously voluminous maxi skirt. The above look from Vogue Runway is a little extreme, but just swap out the blazer for an off-the-shoulder sweater to make it a little more wearable. And don't be afraid to rock some white jeans with a white sweater, either! It's a white hot statement. Pun intended.

Add Some Outerwear

There's no doubt about it, a long white trench is très chic and looks amazing with animal print boots. Can't wear that in the summer!

Cozy Up With Faux Fur

Or just anything fuzzy, really! Keeping warm and comfy is the name of the game this season — and teddy bear fleece, faux fur or popcorn fabric becomes a little more elevated when it's in a bright white.

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Pure as Snow

Go big or go home! A monochrome white look is bold and super on-trend. To keep head-to-toe winter white outfits really simple, go for a white chunky sweater dress paired with some over-the-knee white boots. Instant outfit!

Just a Pop

Still not sure about diving into wearing white? We get it, we're all fashion purists every now and again. Dip your toe in with a touch of white, like this super cute bedazzled C.C Beanie! It's a steal at only $12.