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New Year's Cheer: Level-Up with Accessories That'll Make 2022 POP!

New Year's Cheer: Level-Up with Accessories That'll Make 2022 POP!

New Years Fashion Accessories

Buh-Bye, 2021! Celebrating with champers, midnight revelry, cheering the dropping of the ball, wearing your most comfy-cozy sweats or elegant long dress ushered in the 2022! Now, as the holiday craziness settles down, it’s time to activate all those great New Year’s Resolutions. More greens goodness in every meal plan (yes, kale, I’m talkin’ to you!) and upping the ante on your fave fashion configurations. The best way to update, recalibrate, recompensate and celebrate the wonderful wardrobe that is yours is with a few well-placed and finely tuned accessories ideas. Check out our recommendations for heating up your cold weather closet with some great New Years fashion accessories.

Gold Bling Bliss!

If you didn’t get all the bling you’d hoped from family or “special” friends, treat yourself to something shiny and bright. Best part? These gold earrings can be kept in the ears round the clock, slept in, showered or sweated in!

Make Up and ENJOY!

Bring all the feels when you tuck your facial goodies and whatnot into this sophisticated cosmetic bag that says you're going places this New Year! This is the best traveling makeup pouch cosmetic bag ever—as in includes makeup brushes. A fun to find as a catch-all in your purse, cozied into your carry-on luggage or carried anywhere you need a little affirmation intention setting.

Hat, Hat, Baby

Hats off to 2022! Put your best self forward in all that you do this year, topping anything you wear than with a beautiful, chic and au currant fedora. Wear with heavy duty wool coats, teddy bear shackets, distressed jeans and sweet cowboy booties, long sweater dresses — truly, style this amazing accessory with anything your heart desires. You cannot go wrong with this cool as bwoop! wide-brim fedora that comes in four different colors!

Glove Love

You’ve got to feel warm to look hot. These super cute and colorful Aztec patterned gloves in three hues keep your extremities from venturing into icicle territory during these freezing winter months, and they’re Smart touch friendly for all your handheld devices!

Visit Southern Made Apparel & Fine Gifts for the latest New Years fashion accessories. And, Happy New Year!