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Calling All Accessories! How to Spruce Up Your Holiday Look

Calling All Accessories! How to Spruce Up Your Holiday Look

The holidays may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still glam up your look. Accessories are the first step towards perfecting your holiday outfit, so it’s best to start there. Grab your favorite necklace or pair of earrings and you’re ready to rock and roll.

If you’re like us, we love accessorizing from head to toe. Even an everyday look can be taken from drab to fab with some last-minute touches. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite go-to accessories to help make your holiday get-up ready to tis the season.

Key/Card Pouch

When you’re constantly on the go, you need something that won’t slow you down. Forget about the big bags or purses, when you’re running a quick errand or grabbing a coffee, all you need is something that can carry the essentials. Keys, cards, and maybe some cash, check! These handy keychain pouches make “quick errands” easier than ever. Clip them right onto your keychain and head out the door. You won’t even have to worry about digging through your bag to find your wallet when it’s time to pay—it’s all within reach. Check out this handy Key/Card Pouch right here on Southern Made’s shelves!

Pom Beanie

With the temperature dropping, you need something that will not only keep you warm but also keep you stylish. Pom Beanies are this season’s must-have—and have no fear, Spoiled Rotten has got them just for you! Check out our full selection similar to the one above and find your perfect piece. Don’t forget to pair your beanie with a stylish shoulder bag and your favorite coat to complete your look! 

Criss Cross Slippers

If you’re like us, you love a good pair of house shoes. So, why not splurge a little and get yourself a cute pair of slippers to wear around the house—who said you can’t be fabulous in your own home?! Criss Cross Fuzzy Slippers are exactly what the doctor ordered—okay, maybe not the doctor, but they are exactly what you need to relax in style. The rubber soles keep you from slipping and sliding across tile and hardwood, and the silky soft fur keeps those peepers warm and cozy. You can find a similar pair of these fuzzy slides right here on Southern Made’s website. Don’t forget to grab a comfy jogger set while you’re there! 

Hexagonal Earrings

Geometric jewelry is a must-have this season, so be sure to snag yours and add them to your next holiday get-up. Family photos, blind date, or even a coffee meet-up with the girls, you can take your look to the next level with this easy addition. These are one of those accessories that your holiday look just can't go without. They make the perfect statement piece and pair well with a simple necklace and bracelet. You can find these Hexagonal Earrings right here on Southern Made’s site—check it out!

Double Ring Buckle Belt

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ladies, belts are back! Let’s talk functional AND stylish. These Double Ring Buckle Belts add that extra oomph you’ve been looking for in an outfit. Versatile much? These belts can be worn with jeans, skirts, and even dresses! Pick an outfit, grab your belt, and honey, you’re looking fabulous and festive. Bonus: you can even recreate a similar look to the one above. Snag a long fleece cardigan, grab some your favorite skinny jeans, and slide into your comfiest sneakers—this look is one for the books.