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Hoppy Easter! Six Items Your Baby Needs in Their Easter Basket This Year

Hoppy Easter! Six Items Your Baby Needs in Their Easter Basket This Year

Hello, mamas! Easter is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start figuring out what you’ll be putting together for your little one’s Easter basket this year. We’re guessing they’re probably not old enough to do an egg hunt with the older kids—but have no fear! Southern Made has put together some of the best items to include in your baby’s basket. From stuffed animals to footies, we’ve included some of the best brands for your baby boy or girl!

Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover

Have you ever been out and about running errands and been a little worried about your baby being in the carrier? Remain calm and keep your baby protected! The Copper Pearl multi-use cover offers your little one protection from all of the elements. Say goodbye to worrying about the wind, rain, snow, and even the bright sunlight. The application is quick and easy—we’re talking easy to put on, but snug enough that your baby can’t kick it off while you’re nursing. Speaking of nursing, it even offers more than enough coverage, so you no longer have to worry when it’s time to nurse in public. Mamas, this is one Easter gift that will benefit both you and your baby. Check it out!

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

We all remember our very first stuffed animal when we were younger. We cherished it, took it everywhere with us, and probably got it a little dirtier than necessary. But no matter what, it was by our side whenever it was needed. So, when it’s snuggle time in your household and your little one is ready to go down for a nap, don’t forget to give them their Jellycat stuffed animal! Your little one is sure to find a best friend in their stuffed companion, so make sure you give them the best. Cuddles are always better when you have a fuzzy friend! So, don't forget to snag this to add your baby's Easter basket.

Bella Tunno Wonder Bib

If there’s one thing worse than a messy baby it’s…wait…we don’t think there is anything worse than a messy baby! We all know that our tiny tots can we a little chaotic when they are filling their bellies. So, it’s time to take charge of meal-time and make sure that they have the right bib that’s ready to catch the extra crumbs. Introducing, the Bella Tunno wonder bib! Once you get your baby suited up with this bib, you’ll wonder where it’s been your entire life. With tons of funny design and phrases (and a deep catch pocket), this is one Easter present you will definitely want to pack in your baby’s basket!

Kyte Baby Pajama Sets

One foot, two foot, red foot, blue foot! Footie pajamas are a must-have with your little one. So, don’t miss out on some Kyte Baby footie pajamas that make wardrobe and diaper changes easy as pie. Is it possible for your baby to be even cuter than they already are when they are asleep? We think so! Southern Made has some similar pairs of pajama sets like the ones shown above just waiting to be discovered. Check them out!

Freshly Picked Handmade Leather Oxfords

If there is one thing that we love more than our own shoes, it’s tiny baby shoes for our little ones! Mamas, prepare yourselves for the greatest addition to your baby’s wardrobe. Freshly Picked Leather Oxfords are exactly what you (we mean, your baby) need this Easter! Let them waddle their way around style with these genuine leather and suede oxfords made by moms, for moms! The soft soles help your baby keep their balance, while the elastic opening makes for easy to put on and stay on. The best part? These make the perfect keepsake gift as you watch your bundle of joy continues to grow!

Ryan & Rose Double-Sided Teether


When you’ve got a baby that’s constantly on the move, you need a teether that can keep up with them better than you can! When it comes to things that your little ones will have in their mouths, you want to make sure that they are made with the safest and highest quality ingredients. That being said, let us introduce you to the Ryan & Rose double-sided teether! These are the perfect solution for your teething baby. Say goodbye to sore gums and hello to safe, functional, and cute! The silicone beaded handles are easy for your little one to grasp and the design even helps aid in the development of fine motor skills. Don’t let the Easter bunny forget this!